Welcome to Havnnes

Stockfish is Norway’s oldest export. It continues to be popular in many countries. Stockfish is Viking food – rich in protein and good for everything. Havnnes is located on Uløya in Nordreisa Municipality. In winter you will find about 45 people here, in summer a little more. Stone Age discovery shows that there has been a settlement here for about 6000 years. It has been found knives, spearheads, axes and fiskesøkker showing that Havnnes early has been a permanent settlement. Havnnes is a pearl in northern Norway, one sees the green and lush encounter the wild, beautiful and barren. Havnnes also got the Cultivated Year award in Troms in 2004.

On Uløya's southernmost point, where Rotsund flows into the broad Lyngen Fjord, you will see Havnnes, strategically well-placed for trading with wide views in all directions - described as one of the country's most beautiful located trading centers. Approaching Havnnes from the north through Rotsund, there opens up a natural spectacle of extravagant splendor, with Havnnes as a front spot with its well-organized construction of an inner white and outer courtyards in red, with home fields sloping up towards the mountains, and the majestic Lyngen Alps to the west, steeply rising up from the fjord. But Havnnes is not only a trading post, it was also a large farm until the 1960s, referred to as one of the county's largest private farms with large livestock and contemporary equipment, agricultural machinery, with 75 crop acres land and 2500 crop outfield, mostly covered with valuable forests of birch and coniferous.

Rådmann Guttorm Friis